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Detroit Against Bullying Youth Take on College!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Two of the inaugural Detroit Against Bullying Youth Fashion Show teens are taking on college in high school and we cannot be more PROUD!

Kayla and Markita, joined DAB in 2016. Both young ladies were eager to learn not only how to stand up and be leaders against bullying in their communities but also develop professional skills to in entrepreneurship and career exploration.

"DAB impacted me by making me stronger and believing in myself more. When I grow up I would like to use my gifts and talents to become a entrepreneur." - Markita, 14

"DAB helped me to become more outgoing, open to meeting new people, and introduced me to a different career opportunity, such as working for a nonprofit organization." - Kayla, 16

College Bound!

In the Fall of 2019, both young ladies will be taking community colleges classes in the Michigan area, while still being high school students. In addition, by the time each young lady graduates high school, they will also have earned an associates degree!

A Village of Wings is asking the community to come together a be a village to these young ladies as they prepare for their next academic journey. If you would like to donate to support with supplies, books, transportation, please use this link:

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